Louder MacBook Speakers : Hear What You're Missing

The single best-selling Apple computer - The consumer MacBook line has the smallest speakers which can have frustratingly low-volume even when cranked up. With very dissappointing frequency response typical of tiny, tinny internal laptop speakers, you'll find nearly ANY external computer speaker is louder and a vast improvement over a MacBook's built-in speaker drivers. This site strives to identify great loudspeaker options for MacBooks that stand-out for audio quality, excellent engineering, offer easy portability, or an aesthetic that compliments your Mac laptop computers design and your sense of style.

Best MacBook Speaker Choices

SoundBar USB SpeakerDesktop USB Speaker Portable USB Speaker
Edifier USB Sound Bar

Battery or USB Powered Audio
Affordable USB Speakers

$15 Logitech S150's
USB Altec Orbit

Speaker With Travel Case

Portable MacBook Speakers For Travel And Presentations

USB powered portable speakers for MacBooks are an ideal option for highly mobile Apple laptop users. Getting both power AND pure digital stereo audio over a single USB cable, no batteries or recharging is needed. Smart designs with quality speaker drivers - USB MacBook speaker systems can provide far greater volume than a MacBook's built-in speakers and deliver enhanced frequency response. Portable USB speakers for MacBook are compact enough to pack into your Mac laptop carry case. USB ports provide only 5 volts and 500 milliamps of juice - limiting USB speakers to around 1.5 to 3 watts of output. USB laptop speakers with sensitive and well engineered speaker drivers can make the most of the limited power of a MacBook's USB port to deliver well balanced room-filling, 360 degree sound.

Bluetooth Speakers For MacBooks

Mac laptop users love wireless freedom. But it wasn't until OSX 10.5 Leopard that STEREO streaming to Bluetooth speakers for MacBooks evolved. When Bluetooth was first introduced, it supported only single-channel MONO audio. It had limited frequency response since it initially and primarily was used for cell-phone call headsets and the narrow range human voice frequencies. Stereo Bluetooth support came later. OSX Leopard added the critical A2DP - A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile protocols for better Bluetooth audio codec support to make somewhat higher fidelity stereo pairing possible. While excellent for in-room listening, Bluetooth is a CLOSE-RANGE wireless technology: Generally only within 30 feet - and often less. A2DP stereo Bluetooth streams compress the audio signal and do compromise the sound quality of music somewhat.

Apple AirPlay Wireless Speaker Options

For audiophile quality Hi-Fi stereo music listening at home, an AirPort Expresss base station with AirTunes, or Apple AirPlay compatible speaker system is the preferred choice. With a much greater range of distance than Bluetooth, and a higher-fidelity uncompressed audio stream, this is a great whole-house option that's technically superior to Bluetooth. AirPlay is somewhat new, so there's a more limited selection of wireless AirPlay compatible computer speakers available.

Wired Desktop Speakers For MacBook

When you have AC power available and a direct 1/8" 3.5mm Analog speaker connection, very high wattage, truly deep bass response and loud volume become possible. There's almost too many analog computer speaker systems to list but some of the better one's are made by Logitech, Alec Lansing, Creative Labs, Bose, Harmon Kardon and others.