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The razor thin and ultra light-weight MacBook Air can present challenges when considering the purchase of external comptuer speakers for your Mac laptop. Portable USB speakers that clip on to a MacBook Air's display can be top-heavy, so look for loudspeakers that can sit behind or beside your Apple laptop. The tapered design of the Air laptop base puts its center of gravity at the rear, so they tend to tip over far too easily.

Although Apple has made great strides in engineering small computer speaker drivers of very high quality, there's an implicit trade-off in sound reproduction and frequency response as the size of the loudspeaker driver shrinks. The tiny micro-speakers in my 11" MacBook Air frustrate me to no end. Unless you're in a very quiet, controlled enviroment with minimal background noise, the Air speakers aren't loud enough and hard to hear, especially spoken words of TV shows and movie dialog. Of course, the frequency response of MacBook Air speaker drivers is very limited as well. These are the trade-offs Apple made to the MacBook Air; sacrificing quality audio in exchange for light-weight, compact size and portability.

External Speakers For MacBook Air

Kinivo USB SoundBar Speaker

Clip Doesn't Block Webcam

Kinivo's clip-on style single-cable USB powered speaker solution offers really well-engineered stereo drivers that deliver fantastic full-range audio surprising for such a compact 1-piece system.

GrandMax Slim Tweakers

Small and Portable Speaker

The Grandmax Slim Tweakers USB sound-bar is one of the sleekest and most portable USB MacBook Air speaker options out there. With two rectangular .75" x 1.75" speaker drivers its definitely the most portable USB travel speaker available. I own one of these myself and its ideal for traveling. The Slim Tweakers delivers loud volume levels, although with such small, narrow drivers, it lacks any low-end response much below 175 Mhz. It's a vast improvment for MacBook Air laptop users, deliver room filling volume levels with slightly fuller and richer sound. It comes with a retractable mini-USB cable for travel.

Constructed of sturdy cast brushed aluminum, it's rattle-free and available in red or black. It's also small enough that it fits at the top of they keyboard even an 11 inch MacBook Air. It obstructs the tiny top-row of function keys, but still allows access to the numeric and special symbol keys. I prefer this placement for a direct field of sound. Other USB speakers need to often be placed behind or beside your MacBook losing the center-field stereo sound presence. On 13" and larger Apple laptops all keys are accessible.

iLuv Mini-Clip

Sound Bar Laptop Speaker

This USB notebook speaker from iLuv can clip atop or at side of your laptop screen. The rubberized mounting clip will protect your MacBooks LCD display - and also function as a desktop stand. For ultra-light MacBook Air, you may find clipping the speaker to the side of your display will prevent tip-over. Clip-on USB speakers often can topple the laptop because of the Air's center of gravity so far back.

Logitech Z205

USB Mini Stereo SoundBar

USB powered for pure digital 2.0 audio this stereo soundbar speaker also has a 1/8" input jack option for other analog devices. Logitech delivers better volume and frequency response to finally hear what your netbook's been missing in TV programs, music videos and more.

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