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Combo Mac Speaker Webcams With Built-In Loudspeakers

Stereo Speaker Webcam For Mac
In the market for an external MacOS compatible webcam with built-in speakers? A range of affordable personal webcams with internal speakers built-in are showing up in the market.

Mac friendly speakerphone web cameras may make the most sense for Apple Mac mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro desktop computer owners than for MacBook Pro and Air. Expensive professional group video conference camera systems for businesses are more common. However a range of personal HD webcams with internal speakers are hitting the market.

Mac Stereo Speaker Webcam
With Light Bar and 4x Microphone Array

Side-Firing Speaker Drivers For Wide Stereo

The AnkerWork Video Bar speaker webcam with built-in LED key light is an interesting all-in-one webcam solution perhaps ideal for Mac desktop users. A bit too bulky and heavy to sit atop a razor thin Mac laptop display without tipping over, so you'll need to use the Video Bar webcam's standard 1/4" camera tripod mounting hole. A downloadable app for Mac OSX i available to control the webcam's video settings and light bar adjustments.

Below, a cheaper Mac compatible combo webcam knock-off of Anker's B600 VideoBar. The Zechin C93 combo webcam offers a similar feature set, but skimping in a few specifications. It doesn't have a 4 microphone array, or AI auto-framing features. There's only a single internal speaker driver and the light bar doesn't offer color temperature control, It also lacks the MacOS webcam settings and control app that Anker provides.

Zechin 5-in-One Speaker Webcam

Selfie Light, Speaker, Mic, Cam, Privacy Shutter

Much like the USB Video Class UVC webcam standard that makes most cams MacOS compatible, the NewView and eMeet internal speaker webcams also support USB Audio Class UAC. They'll show up in Apple's OSX Sound Preference Pane as selectable audio output device.

NewView Speakerphone Webcam For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

eMeet Mac Webcam With Speakers

Stereo Speaker Drivers : 4 Noise Cancelling Microphones

Typically wider than a typical personal webcam, combo speaker webcams are somewhat larger to accommodate the internal speaker drivers. Most but not all cams include a tripod mount option in the base of the clip for more stable placement. Note: Of the 3 speaker cams featured here, one has side facing, another frontward, and yet another top-firing speakers. Some are more advantageous than others.