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Logitech Abandons USB Laptop Computer Speaker Market

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It's no secret Logitech - and other notebook and desktop computer accessory manufacturers are struggling a bit. The rise of handheld devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod in the Apple computing sphere has changed the market drastically. With an industry-wide slump in the Window PC desktop and laptop market in particular, peripheral makers are turning towards mobile computing platforms in droves. New products - particularly computer speakers - are trending towards portable Bluetooth systems for use on nearly any device. As such the market for USB powered computer speakers has waned somewhat.

Logitech USB Speakers are getting harder to find. They recently discontinued ALL of their USB speaker products. That's unfortunate because they engineered and built some of the highest-quality and best-sounding USB powered speakers out there.

Portable Logitech USB powered speakers ideal for MacBook users like the highly acclaimed Z305 and Z205, or the USB desktop models like the AudioHub, Z-5 and S150 are still available, but discontinued computer products often SPIKE in price above suggested retail price as demand for dwindling supply sometimes increased price competition. Sad, really. With Apple selling several million MacBook's every quarter, there's still clearly a healthy market for portable USB MacBook speaker systems. But corporations like Logitech are now chasing the cell-phone and tablet markets and clearly starting to look for profits elsewhere...