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Best-Sounding USB-C Speaker Bar For Macs - Bar None!

USB-C Computer Speaker for Mac Studio, Mac mini, iMac
Shopping for the best USB-C soundbar computer speaker? Sometimes certain Mac gadgets get things soooooo right. This one is a very stylish USB-C soundbar speaker for MacBook laptops and Mac desktops where there's more than meets the eye. An all-digital USB-only loudspeaker, it uses a single USB-C connection to deliver nicely balanced stereo sound and more at your desktop.

Stylish USB-C Digital Soundbar Speaker

Plus 2x USB-A Port Hub + Bluetooth Receiver

A sleek 5-sided pentagon in satin silver metal houses 2 stereo driver cones and 2 passive bass radiators to kick up low-end frequency response. It not only looks great, but sounds great too. Measuring about 16" x 2" x 2", with the extra power USB-C ports deliver, it kicks out 2 x 6 watts of room filling power for music, movies and more.

But that's not all it also has built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can stream music and podcasts from your iPhone or iPad to it as well. A great multi-function gadget to take your Apple laptop, Mac studio or Mac mini computer experience to the next level. And it's a 2-port USB-A hub to charge your iGadgets. What a great, gorgeous gadget!

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