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Best MacBook Bluetooth Speaker Of The Year : Creative Roar 2

Best Bluetooth Speaker For MacBook
Shopping for the best portable MacBook speaker at a great price? This year's best wireless speaker for a MacBook Pro or Air is the 2nd generation Roar loudspeaker from Creative Labs. The revised SoundBlaster Roar 2 Speaker packs a punch with great bass response and superlative audio quality in a compact enclosure that's 20% smaller and a half a pound lighter than the award-winning original model. It's available in either a white with black accent - or black with white accent color options to suit an Apple user's taste and style.

With the same high-quality 5.1 speaker driver assembly packed into a smaller enclosure, it rivals the pricier and bulkier Bose SoundLink III portable speaker at nearly half the price - while offering far more features.

Creative Labs ROAR 2 Speaker

Fantastic Sound + Features Galore

It features a large 3 inch center woofer flanked by stereo 1.5 inch mid and high frequency drivers - with two passive low-frequency radiators on each side for incredible bass thump. A 'Roar' boost feature offers a one-touch loudness button for even more presence and Ooomph!

The Roar 2 Bluetooth speaker supports high-fidelity APTX and AAC HD audio codecs as well as NFC pairing. With a built-in microphone it can also be used for hands-free call management with an iPhone when needed and also supports voice recording. It's also a great choice for wireless or wired iPad audio playback.

It's 8hr LiOn battery is rechargeable via AC adaptor or the mini USB port in a pinch. But beyond that, it also includes a standard USB Type-A port on the rear for recharging your iPod, iPhone or iPad anywhere if needed via your Lightning or 30-pin Dock cable.

3 Connectivity Options: Although primarily a wireless Bluetooth solution - it also can be used as a direct connect USB speaker with your MacBook Pro or Air laptop if desired. Additionally, an Analog 1/8" stereo input jack can be used with any external audio source as well. And finally, it includes a micro-SD card slot for direct playback of MP3 files for a portable, standalone jukebox.

Priced around $160 it's our pick as the best all-around MacBook speaker of the year is the Roar 2. Does more, costs less, and sounds just as good or better than most of it's rivals.

Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPad and Mac? Bose Delivers

For more discriminating ears - and looser wallets - nobody delivers well designed and engineered audio products like Bose. They're the kind of company you pay premium price for, and enjoy their products for years to come. For portable audio - the Bose SoundLink wireless mobile speaker gets A LOT of things spot-on right.

Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Wireless High-Quality Audio

Featuring up to 8 hours of playback time on a battery charge - the SoundLink's Bluetooth supports and remembers up to 6 different Bluetooth pairings for quick connectivity. You can set up your MacBook, iPad, and iPhone - and more - and it instantly remembers it's relationship with all these devices. On-top speaker controls let you easily control power adjust volume and track/playback directly from the unit itself. A 1/8" Aux input for non-Bluetooth audio devices is also supported.

Portable Bose Bluetooth Speaker
Ah but it's the GUTS of this mobile speaker that set it apart: Here, you see a pair of very high-quality speaker drivers for EACH channel combined with a front and rear bass radiator design that delivers a frequency range no other wireless, portable speaker of this size can match.

Pairing An iPhone With Mac Bluetooth Speakers

Pairing Bluetooth Headsets and A2DP Speakers
MacWorld - Playlist Mag online has a good article on the ins and outs of iPhone 3G and Bluetooth Speaker and Headset Pairing - with insights on how it works, some glitches and gotchas worth reading. The market for Mac wireless speakers has been a long time coming. First, it wasn't till OSX Leopard 10.5 delivered A2DP Stereo Bluetooth profile that something other than MONO audio was possible, then the iPhone 3 OS finally added it in early 2009. With these pieces finally in place - and a much larger market to go after, expect a new wave of Bluetooth audio systems to hit the market in 2010.