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SuperSpeed USB 3 To Benefit Computer Speakers Powered By USB

USB bus-powered computer speakers have provided simple to install, battery free stereo listening - all from a single cable. But the drawback has been the limited power a 5 volt, 500 milliamp USB 1.1 or 2.0 speed port provides. USB speakers have been fine for modest listening needs at close range - and a great solution for portable speakers chosen by many laptop owners who need mobile audio.

In the mose basic terms of electronic and audio physics: WATTS = VOLTS x AMPS. So typically, given current USB ports 5v x 500ma output - we typically get 1.5 to 3 watts of audio power from a built-in USB port. Enough for close range speaker listening at your desktop, or on the go with a laptop computer, though not earth-shaking in any sense of the word. The quality and sensitivity of the driver cone and voice coils in a portable USB speaker can make a huge difference in perceived loudness and frequency response that current USB audio solutions provide. And companies like Altec-Lansing, Logitech, Creative Labs and Tritton really work hard to engineer USB speaker drivers that make the most of the power available.

Louder USB 3.0 Computer Speakers
Well, fast forward to 2010 and beyond. The upcoming USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Spec is going to bring many benefits to computer users. Not just in a 10-fold increase in USB bus speed and data transfer rates - but also deliver more POWER - more milliamps to each USB port. This 1000ma USB 3.0 spec will literally allow next generation USB speakers to deliver TWICE THE 'OOMPH!' and VOLUME of it's predecessors - as well as allow faster charging and higher power USB devices.

Oddly, it turns out that hi-fi, pure digital USB audio works pretty well under the aging USB 1.1 standard. So the 4.8Gbps speed of USB3 isn't going to 'benefit' USB speakers any more than USB 2.0 did. But the SuperSpeed spec WILL matter because of the increase in wattage USB 3.0 speakers will be able to output. And that means even better, 1-cable speaker solutions that can have louder sound, larger drivers - and deeper bass - free from batteries or a tangle of wires.