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Great Sounding Clip On Speaker For MacBook Pro

There's a fair number of one-piece clip-on USB powered speakers to dramatically improve the sound quality and frequency response of Windows and MacBook laptops. But some are better, and designed more intelligently than others.

Good Sounding USB Speaker

Single-Cable Digital Stereo

Kinivo makes a USB soundbar style speaker that features reasonably large stereo speaker drivers and a clip on design that DOESN'T block your Windows laptop or MacBook iSight webcam like far too many do! So you can still do your video chat and enjoy great sounding audio for your music, television and movie watching enjoyment. While this speaker may be a little too top-heavy for a MacBook Air, 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro users should have no problem mounted atop the LCD display. The clip also acts as a built-in stand, so you can use it just sitting on your desktop if you prefer.

Getting all it's power and delivering pure digital stereo audio over a single cable, the Kinivo speaker doesn't use a separate 1/8" analog cable for the audio signal - something that far too many portable USB powered soundbar speakers require.