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Who Makes USB Computer Speakers With Decent Bass?

Shopping for USB speaker system with good bass? Given the voltage limitations of a computer's USB port, finding USB powered speakers with decent bass response or high-wattage audio output can be challenging. Many USB speakers are small, compact, 1-piece and designed for easy portability for Apple MacBooks, or ChromeBooks and Windows NetBook laptops. However 2-piece USB desktop systems are far more likely to deliver better bass and stereo separation with slightly larger drivers in two separate enclosures.

2-Way USB Studio Monitors

4" Woofer & 1" DomeTweeter

Speaker Engineering

With only 5 volts and 500 milliamps of power available, the engineering that goes into the loudspeaker's design matters a lot. A flexible fabric or rubberized surround on the speaker cone can allow it to move air and lower-frequency sound waves more freely. We can thank the automotive audio industry to help inspire the market for very small woofers that deliver great bass despite their small size. And the computer industry's trend towards smaller and more mobile devices has led to some engineering feats for better-sounding micro-speakers for portable gadgets.

Edifier USB Desktop System

70mm Full Range Drivers + Tuned Port

Size Of Speaker Cone

Obviously, the size of the driver cone directly affects how much air can be displaced - and you need to move a lot of it to feel any real THUMP below 100 Hertz. Given the limitations of USB's voltage, realistically a 3 inch or 4 inch driver is all that can be expected. Size does matter. It helps noticeably, as many compact loudspeakers designed for MacBook or PC laptop portability have only one to two inch drivers.

Amazon Basics USB Speakers

Well Engineered - Balanced Sound

Amazon's own line of "Basics" computer accessories has a USB powered desktop speaker system which is getting rave reviews for it's great, balanced, full-range sound and low price.

Sonaverse USB Powered Speakers

2" Quality Drivers + Side Passive Subwoofers

Passive Bass Radiators

To enhance low-frequency response, some loudspeaker designs incorporate a Bass Radiator - a passive cone or surface that 'echos' movement of the primary low-frequency driver to pump up the bass somewhat. Above, GoGroove's Pulse USB speakers feature large passive radiators on the sides of the enclosure: The larger the better, assuming there's an equally decent woofer or full-range driver to get the air in the cabinet moving. Even some small, portable USB speakers like the Edifier Sound 2 Go shown below incorporate a small bass radiator to compliment it's 25mm array of 4 main drivers.

Sound 2 Go Portable USB Soundbar

4 HQ Micro-Speakers + Oblong Bass Radiator

Enclosure Design

Loudspeaker cabinets can be of two types - Those which are completely sealed (Acoustic Suspension) or those with an opening to 'breathe' (Tuned Port). Acoustic Suspension systems can help deliver 'tighter' bass, and are used in speakers with passive radiators. However, ported enclosures - especially in USB-powered loudspeaker systems may be preferred to add more resonance and reach of the otherwise low-wattage output.