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Portable JLab USB Laptop Speakers Ideal For MacBooks

Shopping for a compact USB powered laptop speaker system from JLab for your Apple MacBook Air or Pro? J-Lab Audio has been around for many years and has offered several Universal Serial Bus powered computer loudspeaker systems that are small, compact and easy to take along with your MacBook.

The original 1-piece stereo JLab USB loudspeaker is still available in Black or Pearl White and features fairly large dual driver cones on a flexible gooseneck arm to let you adjust the laptop loudspeaker's angle and placement. It can be a bit top-heavy so a plastic stress relief is included to help support the one-piece speaker. It delivers crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high-output full range micro drivers.

B-Flex X-Bass Hi-Fi Speaker

Improved Sound, Shorter Gooseneck

Introduced several years later, an updated version of JLab's portable notebook USB speaker was released with a more stylish and simmer, tapered enclosure. This current model also features a shorter flexible gooseneck and puts less stress on your MacBook's USB port. Available in Black it compliments more recent Aluminum and Black Apple MacBooks and delivers significantly increased bass response and audio volume over any MacBook's internal micro-speaker drivers.

It's a shame these sleek, brushed aluminum USB powered JLab notebook speakers ideal for Apple MacBooks seems to have been discontinued. But you may still be able to find them, or perhaps as refurbished or used. If Amazon doesn't have them, check out 'JLab SubSpace' USB notebook speakers on eBay and you should be able to find a set.

JLab SubSpace Stereo Speakers

Dual 50mm Drivers - Brushed Aluminum Cubes

They were manufactured in both Sliver and Black brushed aluminum colors. I owned a pair and really loved JLab's styling and the enhanced and improved bass as well as the spatial stereo sound these separate 2.0 loudspeakers were able to deliver in such a compact form factor. I don't travel with my Apple laptop often so a 2-piece USB desktop speaker system was a better choice for me. Most of J-Lab Audio's speaker products are now wireless Bluetooth systems, I'll cover some of those in another blog post at www.macbook-speakers.com