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HD Webcams With Speakers Built-In For MacOS

Webcam With Speaker Built-In For MacOS
Looking to buy an OSX compatible webcam that has speakers built into it? Though speakerphone web cameras are common in the business video conferencing and meeting room market, we're starting to see speaker webcams that are compatible with Mac in the consumer space.

Do regular HD web cameras really NEED tiny speakers built into the camera's housing? That's hard to say for MacBook Pro and Airs which have tiny but high-quality speaker drivers under the keyboard. The Apple Mac Studio, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers already have even larger speakers as well, so what's the point?

NewView Webcam Speakerphone For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

Often wider and larger than many personal webcams, bulkier speakerphone web cameras perched atop a MacBook laptop display isn't going to deliver astounding audio quality. FYI: The 3 speaker webcams featured here face the sound upward, forward and to the rear respectively. Which is preferable?

eMeet Webcam With Speakers For Mac

Dual Speaker Drivers : Quad Noise Cancelling Microphones

Similar to the USB Video Class (UVC) webcam standard that makes most cams Mac OSX compatible, the above NewView and eMeet webcams with speakers built-in also support USB Audio Class (UAC) and will appear in Apple's Sound Preferences Pane as an available audio output source. Similarly, you can select either your MacBooks built-in microphone, or the web camera's depending on which is more optimal.

CaseCube Ring Light Speaker Webcam

Separate 1/8" Audio Cable. Touch Button Light Control

Lastly, The above CaseCube 2K USB webcam with speaker and ring light uses a separate 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input cable to connect to the webcam's stereo speakers to your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop, much like some analog USB powered speakers, That might not be ideal depending on your setup -- so be aware of that when making Mac speaker webcam purchase decision.

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