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Mini USB Stereo Soundbar Speaker For MacBook

USB Powered Soundbar Speaker For MacBook
Looking for a compact all-digital USB powered speaker to improve your Apple MacBook Pro or Air sound quality? Here's a nice 1-cable compact and portable soundbar styled USB speaker with dual stereo driver cones and a passive bass radiator at the center to boost bass frequencies.

Measuring around 2" x 2" x 7" it's compact enough to take with you, or be unobtrusive on your desktop. There's also touch buttons atop for up, down and mute as an alternate to your MacBook's sound function keys.

Using a more modern USB audio chipset, this sound bar speaker can take advantage of a modern MacBook's higher USB 3.X power output and deliver far more wattage that previous generations of USB powered speaker systems. That means higher volume and the ability to drive larger speaker elements.

All-Digital USB Portable Mini Soundbar Speaker

Stereo Drivers with Bass Radiator: Hi Wattage

Tip: If needed, you can use any USB-A to USB-C adapter to connect to a newer Mac's Type-C USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports if required.