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High Quality USB Speakers For MacBook - JBL Pebbles

JB Lansing Speaker Systems
JBL recently introduced a new line of very stylish computer speakers that any MacBook owner would love. Of note: It's new JBL Pebbles desktop USB speakers which raises the bar for both great looking Apple accessories - and one of the best sounding all-digital USB computer speaker systems ever that gets all it's power from a single USB computer port.

The new Pebbles 2.0 USB speaker system from JBL is arguably one of the best sounding USB powered desktop computer speakers ever released. With sensitive and very high-quality Harman engineered speaker drivers, they deliver smooth full-frequency response across the audio spectrum, something that's challenging to do with the limited 5 volts of power a Mac desktop or MacBook's USB port provides.

JBL USB Desktop Computer Speakers

1-Finger Touch Volume Control

There's several color choices available in either Orange, Black or White with accents for a great aesthetic. More thoughtful technical features from JBL include a spinning fingertip volume control on the brushed metal dial, a 1/8th inch / 3.5mm analog input jack for other audio devices, and neat wrap-around and tuck away cable design built into the base. Currently retailing for around $50 USD, they're one of the nicest-sounding and most stylish USB speakers ever released.