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White Unibody MacBook : Speakers Live UNDER The Hood

Where are a MacBooks speakers? So, you thought Apple's er, INNOVATIVE concept of REAR-FACING speakers in the original white MacBook wasn't enough? Well, with the recent intro of the new MacBooks - speaker technology gets buried UNDER THE KEYBOARD and takes barely-audible barely-audio to the next level.

MacBook Speakers Now Hide Under The Keyboard
Is this progress?!? Thanks to the disassemblers at - we can see:
1. The new speakers at least face UPWARDS towards the customers ears. That's an advancement.
2. They now live INVISIBLY under the Caps-Lock and Return keys.
3. They're barely the size of a man's thumbnail, to prevent unwanted volume or annoying frequency response.
4. The speakers are over 3" CLOSER to your ears than ever before, that should kinda, sorta help.