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MacBook Speaker Test Utility - Mac Audio Test For OSX

Test MacBook Speakers
Interested in Mac audio test software for assessing your own MacBook frequency response for it's internal or external computer speaker system? You can test Mac audio quite easily to conduct a laptop or desktop Mac speaker test for your particular model of Apple computer. A quick Macbook speaker test I did used a slow, progressive sweep of audio frequencies down from the high treble end, or bass end up to get an idea of what the true capabilities of my particular MacBook’s computer speakers are. In my case, it an 11” MacBook Air with ridiculously small built-in speaker drivers buried underneath the keyboard. From what my ears can discern, its up around 160Hz that low frequencies become detectable. For even mildly thumping bass you really need to get down below 100Hz and ideally into the 10-50Hz sub-woofer range. If you’ve recently bought some speakers for Mac audio and music you can find out how low and high they go.

Mac Speaker Frequency Response Test
This partial screenshot shows an example of testing your Apple laptop’s speaker frequency response abilities. In this case, a sine wave sweeping from 0Hz to 200Hz to get a more precise sense of where low-frequency audio can be heard. You can get an idea of how much bass my MacBook speakers are capable of - and where you might want to adjust your iTunes Equalizer bands for clean and optimal low-frequency response.

The program - Audio Test - for OSX can be purchased from the Apple App Store for $4.99.