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Test Your Apple Computer Speaker Frequency Response : Audio Test

Test the frequency response of your Mac speaker system

Audio Test for Mac OSX is a great little utility for evaluating the frequency response of your Mac's internal or external speaker system. By setting the frequency range from 20Hz to 20,000Hz you can set the length to run a slow 30-90 second sweep and ascertain the point where your low bass frequencies start to be audible -- on up to where the high frequencies fade out.

When assessing the speaker you may need to keep your ear close to begin to hear the low-hum of the bass frequencies and may find up around 12,000Hz the high frequencies will cut out completely - especially if you're older and have less sensitive hearing on the high-end.

On a Classic White MacBook or Aluminum unibody Mac laptop's tiny internal speakers - you'll find you can't hear anything close to what you'd call 'bass' until you're around 150Hz. On my Edifier Sound2Go USB speaker, low-frequencies can be heard around 100Hz. I also own an AC-powered Logitech Audio Hub, a 2.1 system with a small 3" woofer and a pair of 2" drivers. The woofer is perceptible around 40Hz.

Audio test provides a nifty way to find out what your particular Apple computer's speaker system is capable of.