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Need Thump? Revised USB Sub-Woofer Speaker For MacBook

12 South BassJump USB speaker for MacBook laptop
Macbook users rejoice: There's finally a great full-range portable speaker option to pump out the low-frequency audio you've been missing from your Mac laptop. Twelve South's 2nd generation USB bus-powered sub-woofer recently hit the shelves - the Twelve South BassJump 2. Not since the original Harmon Kardon iSub for slot-load iMacs have we had the missing piece - a separate USB woofer to complement the total sound spectrum your Mac laptop wasn't delivering. I'm really fond of dance music remixes, and this lets me enjoy decidedly better bass on my MacBook Air.

Featuring a 3 inch / 77mm bass frequency driver - it combines audio from your MacBooks internal speakers to provide balanced frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz - all powered from a single USB cable. Special system software lets you shape your MacBook Pro or Air sound with its EQ Software Control Pref Pane for OSX. The software lets you customize the Bass Jump sound cross-over frequency and volume to your liking and it comes with a neroprene case for safe travel.

The BassJump is also compatible with Aluminum iMacs - and styled to match. For some, this may be a solution to slightly extend the already reasonable frequency range of the iMac's built-in speakers. (Which are better than any other Macintosh model.)