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All-Digital Clip-On USB Speaker For MacBook Laptops

Looking for a compact and portable USB powered laptop speaker for your MacBook Pro or Air? GoGroove offers an all-digital USB speaker that uses a single cable for both power and stereo audio. Some prefer this instead of having separate 1/8th inch analog audio and a USB power-only cable that other types of USB computer loudspeakers require.

USB Soundbar Portable Laptop Speaker

1-Cable Power and Stereo Audio

Considering the low volume levels and limited frequency response range of most Apple MacBook's speakers, this travel-ready USB soundbar style clip-on speaker from GoGroove will make listening to iTunes music, movies or video clips far, far more enjoyable. The clip-on speaker mount can be attached at the side or the top of your Mac laptop's LCD display. If it's a bit too top-heavy for 11" MacBook Air's, you can alternately place the speaker vertically in the provided stand and use it that way.