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2.1 USB Powered Subwoofer Speakers For Mac

USB Powered 2.1 Subwoofer Speakers For MacWith USB 3.0 and USB-C Thunderbolt ports delivering more amps of power, newer USB bus powered speaker systems can be free from past limitations and louder than ever. There's now enough power to drive well designed speaker cones up to 4 inches, and deliver full frequncies and deeper bass than previously possible. So here's sampling of 3-piece 2.1 speaker systems to take your Mac desktop's audio playback quality to the next level - at a low price.

Creative Labs USB 2.1 Loudspeakers

2 Pebble Orb Satellites and SubWoofer

Here's another low-cost USB bus powered subwoofer loudspeaker system with a lot of oomph! This one's getting rave reviews on Amazon for having surprisingly good bass response.

OROW 2.1 Speakers With Bass Control

4" Down-Firing Woofer

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