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Best-Sounding USB-C Speaker Bar For Macs - Bar None!

USB-C Computer Speaker for Mac Studio, Mac mini, iMac
Shopping for the best USB-C soundbar computer speaker? Sometimes certain Mac gadgets get things soooooo right. This one is a very stylish USB-C soundbar speaker for MacBook laptops and Mac desktops where there's more than meets the eye. An all-digital USB-only loudspeaker, it uses a single USB-C connection to deliver nicely balanced stereo sound and more at your desktop.

Stylish USB-C Digital Soundbar Speaker

Plus 2x USB-A Port Hub + Bluetooth Receiver

A sleek 5-sided pentagon in satin silver metal houses 2 stereo driver cones and 2 passive bass radiators to kick up low-end frequency response. It not only looks great, but sounds great too. Measuring about 16" x 2" x 2", with the extra power USB-C ports deliver, it kicks out 2 x 6 watts of room filling power for music, movies and more.

But that's not all it also has built-in Bluetooth receiver so you can stream music and podcasts from your iPhone or iPad to it as well. A great multi-function gadget to take your Apple laptop, Mac studio or Mac mini computer experience to the next level. And it's a 2-port USB-A hub to charge your iGadgets. What a great, gorgeous gadget!

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2.1 USB Powered Subwoofer Speakers For Mac

USB Powered 2.1 Subwoofer Speakers For MacWith USB 3.0 and USB-C Thunderbolt ports delivering more amps of power, newer USB bus powered speaker systems can be free from past limitations and louder than ever. There's now enough power to drive well designed speaker cones up to 4 inches, and deliver full frequncies and deeper bass than previously possible. So here's sampling of 3-piece 2.1 speaker systems to take your Mac desktop's audio playback quality to the next level - at a low price.

Creative Labs USB 2.1 Loudspeakers

2 Pebble Orb Satellites and SubWoofer

Here's another low-cost USB bus powered subwoofer loudspeaker system with a lot of oomph! This one's getting rave reviews on Amazon for having surprisingly good bass response.

OROW 2.1 Speakers With Bass Control

4" Down-Firing Woofer

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Combo Mac Speaker Webcams With Built-In Loudspeakers

Stereo Speaker Webcam For Mac
In the market for an external MacOS compatible webcam with built-in speakers? A range of affordable personal webcams with internal speakers built-in are showing up in the market.

Mac friendly speakerphone web cameras may make the most sense for Apple Mac mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro desktop computer owners than for MacBook Pro and Air. Expensive professional group video conference camera systems for businesses are more common. However a range of personal HD webcams with internal speakers are hitting the market.

Mac Stereo Speaker Webcam
With Light Bar and 4x Microphone Array

Side-Firing Speaker Drivers For Wide Stereo

The AnkerWork Video Bar speaker webcam with built-in LED key light is an interesting all-in-one webcam solution perhaps ideal for Mac desktop users. A bit too bulky and heavy to sit atop a razor thin Mac laptop display without tipping over, so you'll need to use the Video Bar webcam's standard 1/4" camera tripod mounting hole. A downloadable app for Mac OSX i available to control the webcam's video settings and light bar adjustments.

Below, a cheaper Mac compatible combo webcam knock-off of Anker's B600 VideoBar. The Zechin C93 combo webcam offers a similar feature set, but skimping in a few specifications. It doesn't have a 4 microphone array, or AI auto-framing features. There's only a single internal speaker driver and the light bar doesn't offer color temperature control, It also lacks the MacOS webcam settings and control app that Anker provides.

Zechin 5-in-One Speaker Webcam

Selfie Light, Speaker, Mic, Cam, Privacy Shutter

Much like the USB Video Class UVC webcam standard that makes most cams MacOS compatible, the NewView and eMeet internal speaker webcams also support USB Audio Class UAC. They'll show up in Apple's OSX Sound Preference Pane as selectable audio output device.

NewView Speakerphone Webcam For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

eMeet Mac Webcam With Speakers

Stereo Speaker Drivers : 4 Noise Cancelling Microphones

Typically wider than a typical personal webcam, combo speaker webcams are somewhat larger to accommodate the internal speaker drivers. Most but not all cams include a tripod mount option in the base of the clip for more stable placement. Note: Of the 3 speaker cams featured here, one has side facing, another frontward, and yet another top-firing speakers. Some are more advantageous than others.

Mini USB Stereo Soundbar Speaker For MacBook

USB Powered Soundbar Speaker For MacBook
Looking for a compact all-digital USB powered speaker to improve your Apple MacBook Pro or Air sound quality? Here's a nice 1-cable compact and portable soundbar styled USB speaker with dual stereo driver cones and a passive bass radiator at the center to boost bass frequencies.

Measuring around 2" x 2" x 7" it's compact enough to take with you, or be unobtrusive on your desktop. There's also touch buttons atop for up, down and mute as an alternate to your MacBook's sound function keys.

Using a more modern USB audio chipset, this sound bar speaker can take advantage of a modern MacBook's higher USB 3.X power output and deliver far more wattage that previous generations of USB powered speaker systems. That means higher volume and the ability to drive larger speaker elements.

All-Digital USB Portable Mini Soundbar Speaker

Stereo Drivers with Bass Radiator: Hi Wattage

Tip: If needed, you can use any USB-A to USB-C adapter to connect to a newer Mac's Type-C USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports if required.

HD Webcams With Speakers Built-In For MacOS

Webcam With Speaker Built-In For MacOS
Looking to buy an OSX compatible webcam that has speakers built into it? Though speakerphone web cameras are common in the business video conferencing and meeting room market, we're starting to see speaker webcams that are compatible with Mac in the consumer space.

Do regular HD web cameras really NEED tiny speakers built into the camera's housing? That's hard to say for MacBook Pro and Airs which have tiny but high-quality speaker drivers under the keyboard. The Apple Mac Studio, Mac mini, iMac and Mac Pro desktop computers already have even larger speakers as well, so what's the point?

NewView Webcam Speakerphone For MacOS

2 Watt Speaker : Multi-Microphone Array

Often wider and larger than many personal webcams, bulkier speakerphone web cameras perched atop a MacBook laptop display isn't going to deliver astounding audio quality. FYI: The 3 speaker webcams featured here face the sound upward, forward and to the rear respectively. Which is preferable?

eMeet Webcam With Speakers For Mac

Dual Speaker Drivers : Quad Noise Cancelling Microphones

Similar to the USB Video Class (UVC) webcam standard that makes most cams Mac OSX compatible, the above NewView and eMeet webcams with speakers built-in also support USB Audio Class (UAC) and will appear in Apple's Sound Preferences Pane as an available audio output source. Similarly, you can select either your MacBooks built-in microphone, or the web camera's depending on which is more optimal.

CaseCube Ring Light Speaker Webcam

Separate 1/8" Audio Cable. Touch Button Light Control

Lastly, The above CaseCube 2K USB webcam with speaker and ring light uses a separate 1/8" - 3.5mm audio input cable to connect to the webcam's stereo speakers to your MacBook laptop or Macintosh desktop, much like some analog USB powered speakers, That might not be ideal depending on your setup -- so be aware of that when making Mac speaker webcam purchase decision.

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USB Powered Speakers for Type-C Thunderbolt 3 MacBooks

As the Type-C interface carrying USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 protocols grows to ever more Apple computing devices, an interest in USB-C / Thunderbolt powered computer speakers is starting to emerge. Delivering more power than a rectangular Type-A USB port, USB-C speakers for Thunderbolt3 MacBook laptop computers can be significantly louder, support larger speaker cones and deliver deeper bass frequencies.

Creative Pebble V3 USB-C Thunderbolt Computer Speakers

Larger 2.25 Inch Driver Cones + Bluetooth Audio Support

Creative Lab's newest Pebble speakers - which have a native Type-C cable connection - can take advantage of the extra power of Apple's Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port to deliver higher audio wattage than the previous generation of Type-A USB computer speakers could. On the rear of one of the Pebble V3 speakers you'll find a slide switch to enable 'Enhanced' mode to deliver up to 8 watts of audio power instead of USB-A's typical 3 watt sound output. They also added Bluetooth support for wireless audio from your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Bass+ Digital USB-C 1-Piece Speaker

Onboard Volume Controls : Integrated 3.8' Cable

The all-digital, Bass+ single cable USB-C / Thunderbolt compatible speaker angles the sound towards you, has dual 4 watt stereo driversand a down-facing bass radiator for fuller frequency response.

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All-Digital Clip-On USB Speaker For MacBook Laptops

Looking for a compact and portable USB powered laptop speaker for your MacBook Pro or Air? GoGroove offers an all-digital USB speaker that uses a single cable for both power and stereo audio. Some prefer this instead of having separate 1/8th inch analog audio and a USB power-only cable that other types of USB computer loudspeakers require.

USB Soundbar Portable Laptop Speaker

1-Cable Power and Stereo Audio

Considering the low volume levels and limited frequency response range of most Apple MacBook's speakers, this travel-ready USB soundbar style clip-on speaker from GoGroove will make listening to iTunes music, movies or video clips far, far more enjoyable. The clip-on speaker mount can be attached at the side or the top of your Mac laptop's LCD display. If it's a bit too top-heavy for 11" MacBook Air's, you can alternately place the speaker vertically in the provided stand and use it that way.

Small Wireless AirPlay Speakers For iPad : iPhone : Mac

The ability to stream audio over Wi-Fi has evolved steadily since Apple first introduced the AirPort Express router and 'AirTunes' speaker playback options in iTunes. Rebranded as 'AirPlay' it now moves beyond only a Mac running iTunes to also include the AppleTV and streaming music control from an Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod touch as well. On the Windows and Android side there's a similar DLNA standard.

iHome Compact Airplay WiFi Speaker

Black - Red - Silver Color Options

Apple AirPlay compatibility is being incorporated directly into select Wi-Fi wireless speaker systems. The benefit of streaming Apple audio over 802.xx wireless is the increased bandwidth, greater coverage distance and higher fidelity available. As many Mac users have discovered, streaming stereo Bluetooth audio has a maximum coverage range of 30 feet - and in real world experience it's usually far, far less. And it should also be noted that A2DP stereo Bluetooth audio is highly compressed. As such Bluetooth offers less than true audiophile quality for discerning ears. So Apple's AirPlay more than makes up for some of Bluetooth's limitations.

JBL Sound-Fly Small WiFi Speaker

AC-Socket Around-The-House Placement

Because AirPlay is implicitly a WiFi technology - it's use is basically limited to home and office environments. Also note that 802.xx wireless is a power hog compared to Bluetooth. As such many AirPlay speakers are AC powered and rather bulky. Many have large enclosures with sizeable woofers so they're delivering true hi-fi audio with serious bass thump! That said, there are more compact and smaller portable AirPlay loudspeakers that can be taken from room to room and run on battery power. Many support both wireless AirPlay AND Bluetooth for more versatility.

Portable JLab USB Laptop Speakers Ideal For MacBooks

Shopping for a compact USB powered laptop speaker system from JLab for your Apple MacBook Air or Pro? J-Lab Audio has been around for many years and has offered several Universal Serial Bus powered computer loudspeaker systems that are small, compact and easy to take along with your MacBook.

The original 1-piece stereo JLab USB loudspeaker is still available in Black or Pearl White and features fairly large dual driver cones on a flexible gooseneck arm to let you adjust the laptop loudspeaker's angle and placement. It can be a bit top-heavy so a plastic stress relief is included to help support the one-piece speaker. It delivers crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high-output full range micro drivers.

B-Flex X-Bass Hi-Fi Speaker

Improved Sound, Shorter Gooseneck

Introduced several years later, an updated version of JLab's portable notebook USB speaker was released with a more stylish and simmer, tapered enclosure. This current model also features a shorter flexible gooseneck and puts less stress on your MacBook's USB port. Available in Black it compliments more recent Aluminum and Black Apple MacBooks and delivers significantly increased bass response and audio volume over any MacBook's internal micro-speaker drivers.

It's a shame these sleek, brushed aluminum USB powered JLab notebook speakers ideal for Apple MacBooks seems to have been discontinued. But you may still be able to find them, or perhaps as refurbished or used. If Amazon doesn't have them, check out 'JLab SubSpace' USB notebook speakers on eBay and you should be able to find a set.

JLab SubSpace Stereo Speakers

Dual 50mm Drivers - Brushed Aluminum Cubes

They were manufactured in both Sliver and Black brushed aluminum colors. I owned a pair and really loved JLab's styling and the enhanced and improved bass as well as the spatial stereo sound these separate 2.0 loudspeakers were able to deliver in such a compact form factor. I don't travel with my Apple laptop often so a 2-piece USB desktop speaker system was a better choice for me. Most of J-Lab Audio's speaker products are now wireless Bluetooth systems, I'll cover some of those in another blog post at

Who Makes USB Computer Speakers With Decent Bass?

Shopping for USB speaker system with good bass? Given the voltage limitations of a computer's USB port, finding USB powered speakers with decent bass response or high-wattage audio output can be challenging. Many USB speakers are small, compact, 1-piece and designed for easy portability for Apple MacBooks, or ChromeBooks and Windows NetBook laptops. However 2-piece USB desktop systems are far more likely to deliver better bass and stereo separation with slightly larger drivers in two separate enclosures.

2-Way USB Studio Monitors

4" Woofer & 1" DomeTweeter

Speaker Engineering

With only 5 volts and 500 milliamps of power available, the engineering that goes into the loudspeaker's design matters a lot. A flexible fabric or rubberized surround on the speaker cone can allow it to move air and lower-frequency sound waves more freely. We can thank the automotive audio industry to help inspire the market for very small woofers that deliver great bass despite their small size. And the computer industry's trend towards smaller and more mobile devices has led to some engineering feats for better-sounding micro-speakers for portable gadgets.

Edifier USB Desktop System

70mm Full Range Drivers + Tuned Port

Size Of Speaker Cone

Obviously, the size of the driver cone directly affects how much air can be displaced - and you need to move a lot of it to feel any real THUMP below 100 Hertz. Given the limitations of USB's voltage, realistically a 3 inch or 4 inch driver is all that can be expected. Size does matter. It helps noticeably, as many compact loudspeakers designed for MacBook or PC laptop portability have only one to two inch drivers.

Amazon Basics USB Speakers

Well Engineered - Balanced Sound

Amazon's own line of "Basics" computer accessories has a USB powered desktop speaker system which is getting rave reviews for it's great, balanced, full-range sound and low price.

Sonaverse USB Powered Speakers

2" Quality Drivers + Side Passive Subwoofers

Passive Bass Radiators

To enhance low-frequency response, some loudspeaker designs incorporate a Bass Radiator - a passive cone or surface that 'echos' movement of the primary low-frequency driver to pump up the bass somewhat. Above, GoGroove's Pulse USB speakers feature large passive radiators on the sides of the enclosure: The larger the better, assuming there's an equally decent woofer or full-range driver to get the air in the cabinet moving. Even some small, portable USB speakers like the Edifier Sound 2 Go shown below incorporate a small bass radiator to compliment it's 25mm array of 4 main drivers.

Sound 2 Go Portable USB Soundbar

4 HQ Micro-Speakers + Oblong Bass Radiator

Enclosure Design

Loudspeaker cabinets can be of two types - Those which are completely sealed (Acoustic Suspension) or those with an opening to 'breathe' (Tuned Port). Acoustic Suspension systems can help deliver 'tighter' bass, and are used in speakers with passive radiators. However, ported enclosures - especially in USB-powered loudspeaker systems may be preferred to add more resonance and reach of the otherwise low-wattage output.