Best Sounding Wireless Speakers For MacBooks

Best Wireless Speakers For MacBooks

Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth Computer Speakers For MacBook Laptops

MacBook Bluetooth and Wireless Speaker Options

Shopping for the best Wireless MacBook speaker system within your budget? Mac users love wireless freedom. But it wasn't until OSX 10.5 Leopard that truly High-Quality STEREO streaming to Bluetooth speakers for Mac evolved. OSX Leopard added the critical A2DP - Advanced Audio Distribution Profile protocols for better Bluetooth audio codec support to make truly Hi-Fidelity stereo pairing possible. While excellent for in-room listening, Bluetooth is generally a CLOSE-RANGE wireless technology: Typically only within 30 feet. Keep that in mind to temper your range expectations although computers and speakers supporting Bluetooh v4.x and v5.x have better range.

OUT & ABOUT : Sony's Battery-powered Bluetooth portable speaker can also use AC power at home. Great sound in a compact travel speaker.

AT HOME : Sony's AC-powered high-quality wireless Bluetooth speaker system. Modern Macs running OSX Lion and Leopard can take advantage of A2DP stereo audio streaming support over Bluetooth connections. Atop your desk or on a bookshelf - easy pairing with both your MacBook and iPhone is a snap once your're within range.Sony SRSBT100 Speaker

WIRELESS USB : Mint Studio - Stereo iPod Dock with Remote and USB Transmitter. With a range of up to 100' using it's USB based radio transmitter, and support for streaming wireless audio up to 3 Mint systems around the house - this versatile system can take your computer's audio places Bluetooth can't. Learn more at the Mint website.

Apple Airport Wireless Speaker Options

For Hi-Fi stereo music listening at home - the Apple Airport Express base station with AirTunes is still the preferred choice. With a much greater range of distance than Bluetooth, this is still a great whole-house option. Connected to your home stereo receiver - or to a set of powered speakers - iTunes music listening is easy. However to work with a full range of audio applications, we recommend RougeAmoeba's great $25 shareware utility AirFoil - which lets you send ANY Mac audio to your Airport Express.

Airport Express Module + Altec Lansing Expressionist Speakers
Note AltecLansing's stunning design with down-facing omnidirectional 4" sub-woofers provide what they call "Bass in the Base" with serious 25 watt RMS total output. Available in either Classic Mac White - or Glossy Black to compliment newer Uni-Body Macbook computers. Check out this MacWorld review of the Expressionist for more specs.

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