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Desktop Speaker Options For iMac

As Apple's desktop All-In-1 Macintosh desktop comptuer, the iMac delivers a fairy decent listening experience right out of the box. Because it's a desktop system, there's sufficient physical space for larger internal speakers in the iMac. Indeed, the iMac has the largest best loudspeaker drivers in any model of the Macintosh product line. However, that's still not enough for many users audio playback needs. Fortunately, nearly any external soundbar, 2.0 or 2.1 speaker system will provide significanly enhanced volume and frequency response.

iMac Computer Speaker Recommendations

Improve iMac Speaker ResponseUSB Soundbar iMac SpeakerUnder iMac SoundBar Speaker
12-South BassJump 2

Mini USB Woofer
USB iMac Speaker

Aux Input & Subwoofer Output
Sleek iMac Speaker w/Bluetooth

10 Watts - Enhanced Bass

Quality iMac Speakers for Gamers and Home Audio Buffs

If your budget or listening requirements don't demand full audiophile quality studio monitor style speakers, there are many high quality, very affordable consumer-grade desktop computer speaker systems for your Apple gadgets and iMac that can significantly extend the frequency response of your audio and music playback without breaking your wallet.
Popular 2.1 Desktop SpeakersBest Cheap 2.1 Speakers
Best-Selling 2.1 Speaker

Eagle Tech Soundstage
Affordable Full-Range 2.1 Audio

Remote Volume Control

Studio Monitor Speakers For iMac

For Professional or Amateur audio editing and recording studios, or for video soundtrack editing, you'll like want the best studio monitor speaker for your iMac that's within your budget. Studio Monitors deliver more pristine quality and more accurate sound reproduction. Our sampling of some of the more affordable reference monitor 2.0 speaker systems feature extended on-speaker controls for shaping the sound stage to your liking within arm's reach, or provide extra input jacks and connectivity options as well.

Compact Reference MonitorsMost Popular Monitor System
Behringer 2.0 Studio Speakers

Volume : Bass : Treble On-Board
1/8" TRS & RCA Inputs
MAudio AV-40 Powered Speakers

RCA, 1/4" + 1/8" Inputs

You'll need to bypass your iMac's internal speakers and opt for studio reference models if you really want pristine sound quality. They deliver far more accurate and tight sound response across the full spectrum of audio frequencies, often in compact cabinets that fit neatly on your mixing deck or desktop.

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