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If you thought you'd seen every type color shape and style of Bluetooth, wireless, wired, or, USB computer speaker system available, think again. Recently, an entirely new category of wireless speaker light bulbs have been released that allow your MacBook Pro or Air, Macintosh destop computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to play back music in your favorite lamp or lighting fixture.

A select few let you control the audio and LED lighting built into the bulb remotely using an iOS app. But most of the lower-cost speaker bulbs only connect to an Apple device for audio playback and a dedicated, physical remote control is used strictly for the lighting functions.

LED Speaker Bulbs For Mac and iOS Gadgets

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Wireless vs Bluetooth Speaker Light Bulb Technology : Which Is Best?

Two types of wireless technologies are used in LED speaker lightbulb products. The most common and the cheapest is Bluetooth connectivity which allows close range (typically 30 feet or less) audio playback and control of the speaker bulb's functions. In general, LED speaker bulbs using Bluetooth have a one-to-one relationship with your Apple device meaning you can only pair with and control one lighting device at a time. For longer distance control over multiple light bulbs with built-in speaker, RF-radio or 802.11 wireless Wi-Fi connections with an included lighting control base station are needed to cover greater distances, or when control over several wireless lightbulb speakers simultaneously is preferred. Philips Hue Personal Wireless Lighting System is an example of a SmartHome light controller based on LightLink RF wireless protocol.

Are There White And Multi-Color Bulb Speakers?

Many LED speaker lamps (like those featured above) simply produce white LED lighting. Other LEDs speaker bulbs can be multicolored. Which you prefer as a matter of taste and whether you need them for actual room or task lighting, or if you want them for more colorful and aesthetic accent lighting. In general, all these Bluetooth speaker lightbulbs are dimmable or offer High-Low brightness settings.

There are Bluetooth color light bulbs that also let you switch between combinations of red blue and green LEDs for various color hues using a dedicated remote control - or possibly using an Apple IOS app if provided. Here's an example of a Multi-Color LED Bluetooth Bulb Speaker that can add colorful mood to your music enjoyment.

How Good Is The Sound Quality Of Bluetooth Speaker Lightbulbs?

As for the loudspeaker driver built in to the speaker bulbs, most contain a speaker cone that's about 1 1/2" to 2.5" inches in diameter, with larger speakers obviously able to deliver better low-frequency bass response than the smaller ones. So far, all these lightbulbs with small speakers built-in use single driver so don't expect bass-thumping stereo sound. Instead, 360 degree omni-directional audio is produced. That's optimal for close range listing rather than truly room filling sound. Typically, these rather small speakers deliver around 3 to 5 watts RMS of audio power. And the closer you are to the bulb's speaker the more likely you'll be able to hear whatever low frequencies below 100 Hz that the device is capable of producing. As we see with the premium lightbulb speaker from Sengled, their use of an OEM Harmann - JBL driver strives to up the audio quality of main the component inside.

What's The Physical Size Of LED Bluetooth Lightbulbs?

Many of these Bluetooth speaker bulbs are fairly bulky in size like a chunky flood lamp, so they may not be appropriate for all lighting fixtures. They may be too large to fit some accent lighting. They are also much heavier than an ordinary lightbulb which may be problematic such as tipping the balance of some downward facing floor or reading lamps. In spite of their size which often resembles a floodlight in shape, their light output using just a handful of LEDs is often nowhere near as bright as an incandescent or florescent light bulb. The more LEDs the better if truly bright lighting is as important to you as the Bluetooth speaker functions.

What Is The Bluetooth Speaker Bulb's Receiving Range?

The type of light fixture you place the Bluetooth speaker bulb into can have a measurable effect on the transmission range of the Bluetooth connection. For example, recessed metal canisters in ceilings or foil lined lampshades can limit the signal reaching the lightbulb's Bluetooth antenna. Keep in mind wireless Bluetooth was designed as a very close range, personal network technology - such as for headsets or speakers right next to you in your pocket or on your desktop. Sadly, many Bluetooth gadgets simply don't stay connected from across a large room, let alone on the other side of the house or adjacent areas. As such you'll need to stay fairly close to your LED bulb with built-in speaker to prevent the audio from cutting-out or stuttering from signal loss.

How Much Do Bluetooth Bulb Speakers Cost?

Regarding cost, I'm surprised at how affordable this wireless speaker lights can be. Quite a few Speaker Bulb Bluetooth manufacturers compete in this space, so you can experiment with owning one for only around $25, then decide if one of the higher-end models with IOS app support is an appropriate solution for your Apple audio playback needs.

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