Best Speakers For Mac Mini : More Volume With Style!

Mac Mini Speaker Recommendations

Wired, Wireless, and USB computer speakers for better Mac Mini audio

Speakers To Compliment A Mac mini

Good looks and aesthetics matter to Macintosh users. We like Apple's attention to design and often want Mac accessories and peripherals to match and compliment that visual aesthetic. Unfortunately, the Mac mini's built-in speaker is dissappointing for a company so otherwise attuned to the music listening market. Ponder these alternative Mac mini speaker options that make use of the mini's 1/8" Analog, Toslink Mini Optical sound port, built-in Bluetooth module, WiFi AirPlay capabilities, or USB ports:

Your Ears - And Mac Mini Deserve This

Recently Improved Bose Companion 2 Series II Speakers compliment the silver metal of the Mac mini while providing sweet Bose quality your ears will appreciate. Features dual 1/8" input jacks for an extra audio gadget. The original Companion series was a already a great set of speakers for Mac. But this 2nd generation refinement proves Bose knows audio best and delivers noticeably better range and frequency response than it's predecessor.

JLab SubSpace USB Speakers available in silver or black these brushed aluminum cubes look great beside boxy white or low-profile Mac mini systems. Powered by a single USB cable delivers awesome stereo ambience and wider frequency response in a small footprint.

LaCie USB Powered Speakers

La Cie USB powered White Speakers LaCie USB Bus Powered Digital Audio Speakers - 1 single cable for both pure USB audio AND power eliminate the need for an external AC adapter minimizing wire clutter on your desktop.

Bluetooth Speakers For Mac Mini

White Bluetooth Stereo Speakers - Ipevo's Tubular compliments any Mac mini in a 2.0 system for wide stereo separation, high-quality drivers - all in a portable wireless audio solution designed for desktop - or travel with it's 6-8 hour playback time via USB rechargable Li-On battery. Note: iPevo recently changed the color of these speakers to black.

Fun Mac mini iPod Dock + Speaker combo

The Speakal iBOO 1-piece Speaker w/Dock can keep the tangle of wires on your desktop to a minimum. Features built-in subwoofer and 15 watts RMS power to kick out the bass. iPod charging and playback (tho not Sync) is supported with the Universal dock connector. Available in other bright colors and animal styles - this is great for Kids - or fun loving adults.

Sony Style 2.1 Speakers Compliment Mac mini

This 20 watt Sony speaker system with a compact subwoofer and satellite tweeters is a good match for the Mac mini - or a 'Classic' White MacBook as well. Plenty of OOMPH! in a small package.

Logitech Design With Apple In Mind

Designed for Apple: Logitech Z4-i 2.1 with Subwoofer - The white, high-gloss finish and cast-metal stands add a sleek touch to your destop - to fit right in with your Mac mini computer.

JBL Silver & White Duet Speakers For The Apple mini

These Harmon-JBL speakers compliment Apple minis - And are available in either white or with aluminum finish.

USB Powered 2.1 Speaker with Sub-Woofer

SonaWAVE USB 2.1 speaker - Battery or USB powered, 3 drivers for fuller frequency response. Top mounted controls. Optional 1/8" audio input for iPad, iPhone, MP3 player, etc.

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