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Small MacBook Mobile Printers

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Small Mobile Inkjet Printers For MacBooks

In the market for a small and compact Apple compatible portable inkjet printer solution for a MacBook Air or Pro notebook computer? There's a few compact and lightweight mobile printer options ideal for laptop users on the go. With just a few companies making Apple friendly portable printing solution optimized for this market, deciding on one to buy is quite straightforward. Far easier than having to evaluate the vast number of choices in the overall inkjet printing market.

Who Builds MacBook Compatible Travel Printer Solutions?

Currently there are really only a small number of Apple friendly portable printing solution makers to focus on. Specifically, they are Hewlett Packard, Epson USA, Canon, Primera Technologies and Brother.

Apple compatible mobile printers from Hewlett Packard

HP currently makes two battery powered Apple compatible mobile printing solution products: One of them is both a printer / scanner combo for both scanning and printing when needed, the other a compact battery powered inkjet only.

MacBook Compatible Mobile HP All-In-One - OfficeJet 250
Hewlett Packard 250 Portable MFP Printer

USB + WiFi Scan - Print - Copy

MacBook Compatible Mobile HP Inkjet Printer - OfficeJet 200
Hewlett Packard 200 Portable MacBook Printer

USB + WiFi Travel Inkjet Printing

HP's Office Jet 200 is more compact and lighter but offers print only abilities. The OfficeJet 250 AIO delivers both printing and scanning MFP - AIO abilities but is the largest and most heavy of all the Apple friendly mobile printer solutions currently shipping. Both provide AirPrint And WiFi Direct compatibility, in addition to USB wired connectivity options.

MacBook friendly portable color inkjets from Canon

Canon's cheapest mobile offering is the IP110 model. It also features AirPrint and WiFi Direct wireless connections.

*NEW* Portable Canon AirPrint Printer

Now With LCD Control Panel

The updated TR150 mobile inkjet from Canon (shown above) adds an OLED display to make configuration and operation MUCH easier than the IP110's blinking lights

Canon IP110 MacBook Printer

Wireless OSX and IOS Device Printing

It's among the cheapest starting point for an Apple friendly travel printer solution, but do note that a somewhat hefty, bolt-on rechargeable battery costs extra and isn't bundled in the box.

Apple friendly portable MacBook color inkjet from Epson Americas

Epson's current entry in the Apple compatible travel printing is the WF - WorkForce 110. It's a notably smaller and lighter color inkjet printer than HP and Canon's competing offerings.

Apple Cpmpatible WF110 Epson Travel Printer

Wireless iOS and OSX Printing

The WF110 printer includes a Color LCD display. It supports USB, AirPrint or Wireless Direct connectivity. A built-in LiOn battery can trickle charge from either your MacBook Pro or Air notebook's USB port or AC power adapter.

Apple friendly travel printer scanner from Primera Technologies

Primera presently offers a really compact MacBook Apple compatible multi-function portable inkjet printing solution with sheet-fed scan/copy abilities as well. It's the lightest combo device with a minimal footprint that is available. As such, it's far more easy for a MacBook user to live with when traveling.

Multifunction AIO USB Portable Printer

With Hand-Feed Scan and Copy

Despite the fact it is USB only (no wireless) and holds just one black or tri-color ink cart at a given time, the Primera Technologies all-in-one Trio is the best decision for MacBook Air or Pro notebook computer users needing maximum scanning and printing functions in a very lightweight and small mobile peripheral. Like the Canon IP110, an internal battery is sold separately.

Apple friendly mobile MacBook printer from Brother Inc.

An unusual Apple friendly travel printing solution is also available for certain business requirements. Unlike the other companies, Brother's PockjetJet employs heat-based thermal printing to print black pixels without ink onto specially treated thermal paper sheets.

Brother Laptop Travel Printer

USB2 or WiFi + AirPrint Monochrome Printing

Multiple choices for hardware connectivity feature USB as standard, with optional Bluetooth or AirPrint wireless Wi-Fi depending on the model of PocketJet. Models in the 7xx-series are higher DPI resolution and offer more connectivity options than lower-end models.

AirPrint and WiFi Direct wireless Apple friendly travel printing producs

All of the aforementioned Apple friendly portable printer solution manufacturers support wired printing from the MacBook Pro or Air laptop via a USB cable. Many also offer AirPrint and/or wireless WiFi Direct functions as included or optional.

Apple compatible portable printers which support IOS

Nowadays, many people shopping for an Apple friendly portable printing solution might also need to print from their IOS iPhone or iPad tablet. For these environments, AirPrint and Wi-Fi Direct wireless compatibility should be a priority so that your IOS phone or tablet can print wirelessly and easily to an Apple friendly portable printing solution when required.