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The single best-selling Apple computer - The consumer MacBook line - have the smallest speakers which have low-volume even when cranked up. With very dissappointing frequency response typical of small internal laptop speakers, you'll find nearly ANY external speaker system is a vast improvement over your MacBook's built-in speakers. These featured here stand-out for audio quality, excellent engineering, easy portability, or an aesthetic that compliments your Mac computers design - and your sense of style.

Portable MacBook Speakers

USB Digital portable speakers are an ideal solution for highly mobile Apple laptop users. Getting both power AND pure digital stereo audio over a single USB cable - No batteries are needed. Smart designs and with quality speaker drivers - these speakers can provide far greater volume than a MacBook's built-in speakers, enhanced frequency response - and still be compact enough to pack into your laptop carry case.

Kinivo USB SoundBar Speaker
- Kinivo's clip-on style single-cable USB powered speaker solution offers really well-engineered stereo drivers that deliver fantastic full-range audio surprising for such a compact 1-piece system. Unlike many clip on speakers that aren't well thought-out, the Kinivo does not interfere with your MacBook's built-in iSight webcam when clipped atop your display.

Logitech USB Stereo SoundBar. A safe rubberized clip protects your LCD screen bezel - and also acts as a desktop stand. USB bus-powered for pure digital 2.0 audio - plus a 1/8" input jack option for iPhone, iPad or other MP3 device. Get better volume and wider frequency response to finally hear what you're missing in TV shows and Movies on your MacBook.

Edifier Sound2Go+ Speaker - In this 2nd-generation portable MacBook USB powered speaker, quality dual 1" drivers for each stereo channel (4 total) are supplimented with an oblong passive bass radiator in the center to deliver loud, room-filling sound. Cast aluminum enclosure about 10" long features a blue LED side-mount lighted volume up/down button and a 1/8" mini input jack for external devices like an iPad or iPhone. This revised model is RECHARGEABLE and now includes a built-in LiOn battery. It can be used standalone via battery power with it's 1/8" input for iPad Tablets, iPhones, iPods, etc. or be used as a streaming USB speaker powered (and recharged) via your MacBook's USB port.

GrandMax Mini SoundBar - This slim and diminutive speaker features dual oblong drivers in a sturday cast brushed alumimin case that's sized right for MacBook Air models in partcular. Includes a pull-out zip mini-USB cable and sleeve case for neat travel. Even on 11" MacBook Air it's slim enough to sit atop the keyboard and still allow access to the number keys.

2.0 USB Desktop Speakers For MacBooks - The highly affordable Logitech S150 is an excellent single-cable USB speaker solution for Mac laptop users at their desk. It offers respectable low frequency response down to 90Hz and convenient onboard volume +/- and mute controls. Often available for under $15 USD, its pleasing, balanced sound quality makes it an excellent and affordable desktop USB powered speaker system.

Altec's USB Travel Speaker. Solid, tough travel ready speaker with high quality driver needs no power other than the USB cable itself. Flip-up stand helps to angle the sound towards you, USB cable wrap tucks neatly away. Protective grille and zipper case included for safe travel.

Subwoofer For MacBook - Pro - Air

Woofer for Mac Laptop computers12-South BassJump2 Woofer for Apple MacBook - blends your laptops internal speaker output for fuller 2.1 stereo sound down to 100hz in a bus-powered, portable USB woofer that measures 5"x5"x2". The included sound control software is needed to control the frequency crossover of your built-in speakers to the 3" bass driver. This is designed optimally for Macbook Pro and MacBook Air - but can be used with iMacs and Cinema/ThunderBolt Display.

Stereo Speakers For MacBook - On Your Desktop

With AC power available - high wattage, truly deep bass response and loud volume become possible. Two exceptional desktop speaker systems for Mac users are highlighted here:

Logitech's Desktop USB Hub and 2.1 Stereo Speaker Combo is a 1-piece speaker unit providing 3 extra USB 2.0 ports and a built in 3" sub-woofer for good bass in a compact 'sound-bar' that sits neatly behind your laptop. It minimizes the usual tangle of cables most 2.1 speakers cause. The dual side drivers can be extended outward to accomodate larger-screen Macintosh laptops. Highly recommended.

Creative Labs T-20 Speakers are a great basic 2.0 speaker with well engineered, quality drivers. Shape the sound precisely to your liking with front mounted Volume, Bass and Treble controls that not all computer speaker systems offer.

Aluminum + Glossy Black Unibody MacBook Speakers

Altec Lansing MacBook Speakers compliment the new MacBook glossy screen and black style. These speakers feature Dual-Drivers with separate Power Volume and Tone controls up-front. Great styling for your desktop.

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